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@Opinvu wrote:

I don’t like them driver issues. But I wonder if it’s just you?


Having said that since I upgraded my video card and was then forced to upgrade my nvidia driver I have had scrambled textures popping up in NWN1. A common problem I believe.

It’s to do with (lack of) paletted texture support in the NVIDIA OGL renderer post 97.xx (I believe). It is rumoured that there ~may~ be a fix in NWN 1.69. Or maybe I should say some people hope there will be a fix in NWN 1.69.

NWN2 runs fine on a dualcore.

Yes, but the NWN client only uses one of the cores. The other sits there twiddling its thumbs. The toolset ~is~ multithreaded, if that is any consolation.


but have on occasion run both 1 & 2 at once

Now that is a good reason to have two cores… unless only Corgano does that? 🙂