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Ok, with some further digging it appears 2.2 is maxing out on one core. But don’t want to buy too old and then need to upgrade next Tax return. THat should be paying off car up grades.

I found a bundle with a better board for only a few dollars more, will have to roll a bunch of penneis now, but IT will take more upgrades in Processors, and has faster PCI slots. Same as listed but Asus, and Nforce 570 versus 550 which has much slower PCI and less ram holding modulators. I think My mind is nearly made up on….

Asus nForce 570 and AMD 5000 2.6ghz and 1gb Ram.
Next year will get the 1gig add-on. By then Markshire 2 will demand 12gigs of HDD and 4gigs ram… and Seven Monitor Assemblies.