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So… update on the upgrades.

The MOBO and processor kit with a HDD and ram bundle gave me a deal I couldn’t compare, with my prior purchases I got 40% off the ram and HDD. I put the order in on 1/14. It hasn’t shipped until today, it was just in pending limbo. But, I did get this email that follows. Maybe Mule…*cough*…. I will say no more.


Thank you for your recent order placed with our company on 01/14/08!

This message is just a reminder that everything is fine with your current order and we are continuing to process it in a regular manner. We constantly monitor all of our pending orders and in case of any problems with your order, you will be contacted by e-mail or phone.

Just to make sure that you completely understand how we process orders, we would like to inform you about some important details of our standard processing procedures. Because of the nature of the products that we sell, often the most time consuming stages of the order processing are assembly, testing, 24-72 hour "burning-in", and loading software phases. We specialize in custom products (computer barebones, PCs, servers and laptops) which require all of those steps to ensure quality, stability and perfect compatibility of the system configuration. According to our policy it usually takes 5-7 business days to process every order from the time when payment is received. In some cases, for example, failure of certain components during the testing phase, it may take additional several days to complete order processing, in such cases we partially or completely, depending on source of failure, rebuild a failed computer system and repeat all testing procedures. In any circumstances we will do our best so that products you ordered will be shipped out to you promptly.

After order is processed and shipped, the tracking number(s) and shipper web address will be posted on your account and emailed to you automatically upon shipment departure.

To check you order status, please login to your account on our website and look in the details of the order. You will be required to enter your e-mail address and password. If you forgot your password, click here.

Thank you for your business and let us know how else we can assist you.

PCProDirect, Inc.
Customer Service

Either that ofr the kid that was too jack it off the truck was caught and they sent another burgler.