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  • Markshire PCs:

@mule wrote:

How many buildings in your area don’t meet the codes?

Oh, I’d guess about 60% or more (I’d say more than that for residences). We’re just willingly calling attention to ourselves before it is thrust upon us against our will, so to speak, which makes us the slow moving target du jour.

In Baltimore city, it’s the tenant’s responsibility to summon inspectors to properties for approval; this would have the net effect of gradually maintaining the building’s code status on par with that of evolving fire codes. That probably hasn’t happened in our specific building for over half a century.

@mule wrote:

So what developer wants to use your building or land?

That’s not a likely motive. Our neighbourhood’s a fairly distressed one. There’s really no incentive for speculators, particularly in this economic climate. We’re way too far outside metro Baltimore to matter much. Besides, it would be easier for them to go after some of those storefront churches first.

Our landlord has worked very well with us, and for many years; it was not his doing. Plus, who else would be find to rent out the second and third floors of an office building with no lift in it?