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@s-m-r wrote:

Well, let’s see…

The big one–the fire escape–was approved. All that was recommended was some sanding and re-painting. No problem.

The other renovations required…These include the installation of a bathroom on the second floor (the plumbing is there already, just need the “business ends” of the pipes), hard-wired heat- and smoke-detectors, and a few other things. Estimate is well over $25,000.

Time for fundraisers. 😉

Alright folks … time to step up and support our Horseheaded DM.

If you want to donate to SMR’s organization, Markshire will accept donations on behalf of him through our donation page.

If you still want a Map (assuming you haven’t gotten one before) let me know through PM, IM or e-mail after you make your donation.

I’m in for $25.

Let’s make some noise down in Baltimore!!