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  • Markshire PCs:

You folks are fantastic. 🙂

And yeah, Domf, we’re going to have (yet another) meeting this coming Monday to determine which work we’ll leave to the contractor, and the work we’ll do ourselves. The Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC), Hamilton Business Association (our local business organisation) and the Baltimore Development Corporation (city advocates for neighbourhood renovations…not exactly what that means, really) have all contacted us to inform about their various assistance/grant programs.

Man, if I knew back when I started this thing that it would turn into such a hassle, I would have stayed with just acting. 😉

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, definitely. And support like what you all have shown here truly is wonderful (AND helpful). Thanks, folks!

EDIT: I figured that those of you who don’t know about it might want to know of the arts collective I run. It’s called the Hamilton Arts Collective; we’ve been in operation almost two years, and we have three goals:
–offer a safe, comfortable performance space for artists to present their works when they normally would not have a venue;
–empower the neighbourhood of Hamilton, a northeastern suburb of Baltimore City; and
–Keep our events affordable and accessible to as many people as possible, both artists and guests.

We hosted over 600 different acts last year alone (bands, theatre troupes, films, and other performances), and were on track to significantly increase that number for the 07-08 season. You can see our past calendar and other information about the HAC at the following website: