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  • Markshire PCs:

Estimated Damage? Well…. This has hppened before, in the last 50yrs or so. The car dealership near Walmart Got an entire lot of cars moved in two hours. No damage but mop and dirt removal.

Props to Wal-Mart. It was open during and after. No, but they had it open in three days. Everything on truck, wipe and wash, everything repacked. I was in there Christmas Eve, eve, it was evident and stained here and there, but I don’t remember what the paper said on total damage. It wasn’t as wide spread since most of that was shown was buissness districts.

I wish they woulda shown Yard Birds. It has a 2.5 story black duck out front. It’s in the sitting on water position and not too detailed. The water line was over it’s back. The store was nearly half full of water, and next door in same attached building is a small theater. One screen, my mother says they were open the next day after the waters receeded. LOL.

Further south, in a town called Vancover, its close to the Oregan border, reported a Tornado. Very rare and strange in this part of the country.