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Thanks all. Much more fun than writing for work, but I just can’t seem to get her to Markshire. Be novella-length before I get to Sunny’s first levelup, which happened in-game pretty fast. Gggharr.

When I first visited Markshire a couple of weeks ago, I had no intention of doing a bio, and certainly not of spending time writing when I could be playing. My experience after just a couple of play sessions changed my mind (I also just read an old post about how the DMs use the Bios to help further character development–feel free to cite me as corroboration).

A couple of reasons for that. The backstory might be in my head, but nobody else knows it, and it’s damn hard for Sunny to it. The patience and support of the players, characters, and DMs Sunny and I have encountered early on is actually quite astounding. //go ahead, just type *pat self on back*

So if Sunny and I can entertain, amplify or even simplify (in terms of interacting with Sunny, especially) your experience, in- or out-of-, a bit of interesting backstory seems the absolute least we can do to repay the favor.

Oh, yeah. I haven’t personally explored Markshire’s coastal regions (yet), so if I’m about to run into contextual difficulty getting Sunny ashore, please feed any “realism” parameters my way: viable ports, trade routes, etc. That’ll be more important after the crossing.

One of the fun challenges, of course, is explaining how someone can live for over a century, have years of travelling adventures, and still be level 1. Either that’s the elf-time continuum, or Sunny must not have had a DM logged in before she got to Markshire. 😉