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  • Markshire PCs:

Bad News. After trying every way we can think of, Vlan and I can’t make it work. The cost is too high, and the travel time is just too great. We’d both love to go, but work and family makes it too hard to swing in the time we would have.

There were basically 3 options:

Drive – 12 hours minimum each way, with Gas at $3.50 plus (Well over $200, just in gas), and Vlan and I couldn’t leave until Thursday evening at the earliest, and had to return Sunday. That’s like 48 hours max. We discussed it, and it just don’t work.

Flying – Price was $250 pp. and then parking, etc. Again, it wasn’t really an option.

Train – Was actually MORE expensive at $350. Now I see why Amtrak is going bankrupt… Hard to get customers when you’re slower and charge more….

G – I’d love to see the place and if things were different, fine, but……