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Lt. Tyler
  • Markshire PCs:

@Thrym wrote:

@Lt. Tyler wrote:

You guys really ought to look into smoke signals.

I’m just saying.

What kind of Bandwidth do you think we could muster?

Guido’s grand broadband adventure took a HUGE wrong turn. We need options.

Hmm, lemme see. One smoke signal prolly takes maybe 10 seconds to fill the canvas before being released, and that’s gonna be 1 bit, rather than the typical 8.

*does some math, likely incorrect, but close enough*

0.0125 bps

Seems likely an improvement for Guido, right?

Hey muler, can you use that guvmint puter to check on patents for TCP/IP over smoke signal?

If you get a blank return from that search, try it on a Dell.