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  • Markshire PCs:

I think you both missed the movie reference.

Happy Gilmore…

Shooter McGavin says “I eat pieces of crap like you for breakfast”

Happy “You eat crap for breakfast”

Shooter, after a long pause, “No”

I took it a little further and then switched things around so it fit my own mind. I wasn’t banging on beef wellington, though it does sound a little froofy for this country boy.

That all being said… you guys are on the coast… rent a charter, take some beer out on the ocean, and go deep sea fishing. Or, if you’re wanting to do it a little cheaper, tie a dollar bill to a mono filament string and set it on the beach in front of the house. Every time someone tries to pick it up, yank it out of their reach. That chit NEVER gets old.

I will do my very best to send some jerky to one of you guys. It will be the only part of me that probably makes it…. unless people want to buy jerky for a really inflated price.