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The Bears are Arriving, The Bears are Arriving!

@Silvia from Iraq wrote:

We have received your packages. Wow! That’s a lot of bears. We’ve already started giving them to the Soldiers and found they respond so much better when we actually hand the bears to them with your message than just put them out. They are out and available for anyone to take at any time and Soldiers are taking them. Some say it’s for them with their collection of bears in their room while others say they want to send it home to their child. Either way, they are extremely impressed with the support from back home. They are thankful to those that put the thought and actions behind this show of support.

We will be having a large show here soon at the end of the month where we plan on giving a bear to all that attend. I will send you pictures from that as well as others we get along the way.

Thank you again for your support to our Soldiers!

That’s just the first 59,000 bear hugs. Still a lot more to ship.

Please forward the link above to your friends, family, etc. Thanks.