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What is your problem Mule? Did you get an Intel chip? My 2.6ghz AMD Dualcore has not had issue with running NWN on crack. I have not had to make any changes. I think you fear NWN 1 now. Too long away, you forgotten what Nordbert looks like and make up excuses to help avoid reality.

Other than that, I have not seen all of this yet in the RP. I have seen Spyman get envolved and contribute to conversation, and drama. With Sar and Red(faith) popping in as of late, they have helped prompte some more verbal drama avenues. I just skimmed the post and was awe sturck by Mules post, so I will re read it more detailed and see where I can help, but please if all have opinions to suggest to me, please do. It will help me.

I do think she needs to meet Opi. I just feel she needs to steered to the fact her “asian” portrayle doesn’t exist in this world, but can in the sense there is ‘tribal’ and nomatic people with their own beleifs that aren’t as ‘civilized’ as the Urban cultures have come to beleive in the gods. Not broken elven druidisms and other broken babaric superstitions. Again your help pointing to the right god and manaor of pushing would help.