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SpymasterGend humbly requests Shadowdancer consideration for Sun-Ok Cheng.

Bio support for application fairly obvious–though Sun-world Shadowdancer perhaps more of a camouflage/commando than traditional definition. Though the entertainer “troupe” part of the definition is clearly not applicable, Sun does attempt through humor to cheer colleagues and entertain, also resolve conflict (especially racial and social) and build consensus in an eastern way. Would also foresee several personal issues for Sun coming together in shadowdancer development.

First, fatalism. Sun came to Markshire a runaway, a rogue, a hider. Was inspired by friends (nitha, tam, mezano) to fight (for good in her mind)–developed in fighter class. After taking severe beatings in that mold from Cyclops and giants–Sun has searched soul and determined that stealth and her Serpent potential form the best way she can help friends and do good.

Second, religion/beliefs. Sun is still overwhelmed with new pantheon and belief systems. However, she has visited Elvidnir and thus seen proof that at least in Markshire the Markshire gods are real. Her reconciliation of that with her own beliefs is yet to be played out but will most likely be an amalgamation. Along those lines, shadowdancer Summon shadow ability will most likely be for her not a traditional undead spirit but the worldly manifestation of a “perfected” soul from her native spirit-world–possibly even that of her father. Evergreen Sr. remains to her a manifestation of a perfected evil soul–it is unlikely this perception will ever change, so she will almost certainly retain some of her original beliefs.

Third, alternatives. At this point in time, largely through their own insensitivity and self-involvement, Sun’s druid ties–Sar and Kayla–are in jeopardy. Their beliefs had represented probably the closest Markshire counterpart to Sun’s own guiding principles of oneness in the yin-yang sense. Thus, at this point in time she feels repelled by that as a “career choice.”

Fourth, overall environment. Sun’s natural instinct is to resolve tensions and build consensus with a goal toward the greater good–she is NG but does not actively seek balance between chaos and law per se–instead she exhibits some lawful traits (eg honor) and some chaotic (eg jokes and pranks). As such she is a natural bridge between at least some factions–but she has come to recognize that she is also a very small entity between those two poles of Law and Chaos, easily squashed by either. Survival in that polar environment (pun unintended) requires walking a very careful line–just like the shadowdancer’s walk between light and dark. And is consistent with Serpent purpose for oppressed minority as laid out in bio.

It is doubtless a slightly different approach than normal to the prestige class. I have little doubt, however, that Sun could pull it off, and I would foresee her taking at least 7 levels in it, probably all prior to lvl 20 (currently 10, just made xp for 11–could commence anytime).

Players to contact regarding rp: Ceorlas, Brindisium, Corgano, Sarkhan, Valgrimm.

Thanks for the consideration,