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Per Rasbedian’s recent post to Bulletin Board, Sun-Ok and Kamas are attempting to organize an expedition to locate and study the malar beast. Osay has also indicated an interest.

Sun-Ok wants to find where the malar are (source for pelts, economic/tradeskill interest) and what makes them tick (stealth/stalking ability). I imagine Osay’s interests coincide, and Kamas’ are more academic, especially given the interplanar or interdimensional possibilities suggested by malar bag’s greater weight reduction.

Part of how this plays out will depend on “the nature of the beast.” My recollection was that the malar panther was a sort of extra-dimensional creature–thus Sun’s interest as she explores stealth in character development. Kamas postulated a different “lore”: a shapeshifter between bat, panther, and ravening beast forms. Either or both give excellent options for RP.

I’m picturing a 3-part event or project. First, assembling the team and equipping/organizing the expedition. Might require a char (PC or NPC) with more anatomy/physiology expertise. Special equipment might be needed for capture/dissection/preservation or in-field tailor-craft. Perhaps Lomion or Tobur–who sell the pelts and claim to have hunted them–would serve as guide to habitat.

Part 2 would be the expedition itself. Observation: stalking the stalker. Capture and/or corpse retrieval, possibly of varying forms if a shapeshifter. Preservation of same if study not to be done in the field. Acquisition of standard craftable pelts not a priority.

Part 3 I see as applying the knowledge gained–in terms of stealth experience (not sure how to reflect that exactly) and tailoring. I’m thinking along the lines of a tailoring end-product for each of the participants, incorporating perhaps some of the features of each of the beast’s forms. Not an ongoing “production” item that way, as it would be rp-ed from special parts, say, bat-form sinews that only drop during the expedition. Something like bat sinews (spot/listen from sonar), panther hide (hide/silent), and beast bone perhaps for sole (property thoughts: standard boot dodge AC bonus, fear effect or protect, rage feat?). A suggestion follows–know it’s a lot of properties but mostly small skill bonuses: Malar Stalking Boots (+1 listen, +1 spot, +2 hide, +2 silent, immunity to fear). Given the nature of the malar, could actually be a different item for each participant. Assume Osay might also be interested in the crafting side of it.

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