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[simpler than previous request]

As Sun-Ok studies stealth, she has noted that the marvelous mithril small shield she carries has a degree of shininess and a tendency to ring out when bumping against other equipment. She has also examined at length the muted and blackened equipment available through “merchants” Juster and Rebecca.

She believes it is well within her crafting abilities to fashion a simple dark cover for the shield, perhaps of thin, supple, and lightweight wolf leathers, wrapping the edges to deaden sound. She imagines such a cover would negate the shield’s impact on stealth (at least for a small shield) while likely adding back to it the weight saved by mithril construction.

While such a simple non-magical solution would seem eminently repeatable, she has no desire to make it as a “production” item for sale or trade, and further assumes that maintenance of the cover would be incorporated in the standard maintenance of all equipment (repairing nicks, gashes, etc.) that adventurers perform unthinkingly.

Envisioned result: Sun-Ok Cheng’s mithril small shield “Wolf” (model small round type as mithril, darkened and matte: ideal aesthetic would be dark gray and light gray yin-yang symbol), +2 AC shield, +1 move silent, +1 hide in shadows.