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Thanks for the considered responses.

1&2: Points taken re SD app, it’s just taking a little longer than I’d thought. I’m used to single-player–just qualify and click. I “qualified” at char lvl 7, but waited on the app until I’d fleshed out in forum the bio that was in my head. And I am serious about the commitment to the SD class–I really do want to get at least 7 levels in it, preferably with at least 6 pre-epic, and that preference at least is starting to look, well, unlikely. HIPS may be the defining, unique feature of the class, but SD has much more to offer.

Which is another way of saying that I’m not looking for any kind of cheese, playing it if approved or banking. 1 Level is what I have right now, and it’s mostly a question of how to take it for the build I’m picturing given ambiguous timing on app. From forum I understand T’s concerns on banking, certainly, but the mechanics of “training” or “discovery” to advance are just not present in game, the xp rewards and levels just arbitrary numbers. Kill this many giants or craft this many items and you go up. So any valid rp reason–even something as trivial perhaps as making the valkyries sing at a friend’s wedding–would seem reasonable for at least a short delay in leveling. I held off taking Sun’s first fighter level, too–expressly so Sun could communicate/explain her life/career decision to Nitha when taking it.

I’m also not suggesting that my/Sun’s understanding of the SD class is “correct” and certainly not definitive–rather that the abilities offered by the class lend themselves to different interpretations as to their in-game reality, nature and origin, and thus to different options for rp. Just as the rogue class offers options slanted toward thievery, swashbuckling, assassination, etc. Just as being Yakuza is not precisely like being Mafia. I’m also saying, I guess, that any given character is likely to interpret the lessons of life (i.e., class advancement) based on their own experiences, world-view, etc., and I was trying to picture in advance Sun’s possible take on the discoveries she might make.

Having articulated that a little more thoroughly, and taking your comments in hand, exploring stealth right now is what Sun is about, so I’ll just go with that and let the opportunities for (self-) discovery arise…

3: Ha! Wasn’t sure what Domf was doing when he took me down there either, but went with the flow. She definitely has the rogue skills but not the bent as you indicate for rampant theft or assassination. Thought Dram and Sun were going to have a nice philosophical discussion of light and dark and a more pragmatic discussion of life in Markshire summoning undead (I assume SD shadow summons are not granted an exemption to the rampant undead intolerance). You’re right–any self-respecting thieves’ guild would distrust her on sight–maybe even bring her in for a “chat” given the demonstration of trap-skills at Dren’s, etc. Your intervention appreciated in that regard–I think–Sun’s still not sure about those guys. Fun in any case, and with a little effort maybe I can keep Domf’s interest. As you say, for the characters it may end up being sort of a “Kill Bill” apprenticeship–eek, my sensei’s an egotistical jerk! With a stomach problem!

4: That’s a bit more workable then–probably for you too. Hope I can make it Friday.

5: Yep, was carrying a lot of bags already, but was just coming back from a hunt, bags loaded with pelts and other space with meat. If she has to get Durok another malar bag for a new one I guess she’ll do it. Just hate paying for the engine backfiring. Mostly, I didn’t want to get the CDS for it approved and then have no shield on hand when you walked in. Who’d think I was cheesey then?

Thanks again,


This is the response I got from some questions.

1) SD prestige app still pending afaik. Not sure if there’s a formal response–kind of assumed Dram’s prior guidance was part of the process, though guild membership a little less necessary as I was looking at it. Have banked a level to do that appropriately, but not sure if that’s okay or the way you all see the training playing out–would bank any number and take them slowly if it meant better rp, even if that means missing some fun in Arik on fridays. General advice by way of dm/moderator to new player appreciated.

2) Along same lines, it’s apparent that Dram’s embracing darkness interpretation of SD class a little different from Sun’s–he showed her darkness has its own existence, and is not just absence of light, but her inclination would be a reconciliation of light and dark, a yin-yang oneness resulting in…shadow, and safety in either. I guess what I’m asking for is some indication–with response on prestige class if that is formally issued–that such an interpretation works.

3) If Dram is to play guiding role in either SD development or guild membership, I’d like to make sure we keep Domf entertained as a player–anything I can do to further that, please let me know. Sure you’ll see me working at that in-game, but Dram is appropriately mysterious, so it’s hard to know what he may want out of it.

4) 3-day deadline is realtime? Or more of a general don’t-dawdle? 3 days of Markshire time probably already gone. Don’t want to cramp your time or monopolize it running up to Grippli-blight either.

5) Have a minor tailoring CDS request out to make Sun’s small mithril shield stealth-neutral like thieve’s shield with a darkened leather cover, add some weight back to it to compensate. Problem is, no more small mithril shield. Ever have a near-full inventory, quickslot a weapon-change, and end up dropping your shield? Happened to me a couple times in single-player, too–must be engine problem–but shield kind of turns phantom–even when you restructure inventory and pick it up it’s not quite right. Item was gone when I logged back in after reset today. Can harass Durok into making another, lay out some cash for a replacement, or whatever. If request goes through, let me know.

I basicly told her what I think we think should happen for a person to acheive such a feat. A self evolution into an ability that is there, she just needs to find the way she can make it happen. Like finding how o use “fire Starter ability” you never knew existed or had. She is working with Domf and I have her on a mission from Engman. She is not a rogue, she is not really an assasin for hire either. So… he has asked her to scam something from the Stewart at Stonemark. Use her female persuasion and cunning to get something he holds close and on his person. Without being persued or arrested. She has to flirt it off of him. Sorta.

She then has to do 3 more tasks for Engman and can have entrance to the Pickles but she will not be part of the ‘gang’.