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He just snuck her in and then when caught/confronted by the guards in the Yeti.. he copped a plea about a new submission. I know what was going on, he was going to take her to see Pickles. Then the DM caught him.. so the spoken agenda was let known. Spymaster wasn’t even sure where or why they were going down there at first. IT was more of “Come with me, let me show ya something.”

Iasis wanted to rough him up. Engman fined him, then reminded him that Gargoyle makes the decision on who can come down and who cannot, it being part of some agreement of the Yeti being there. So… bypassing PROCEDURE was the big issue.

I sent PM to Spy about a visualztion I had for her being on the right path to SD. Standing and walking along a fence. MS on one side, her village on the other. Both real realities but neither make sense to her. Trying for one side only ends up in stradeling the fence and going no where, following the fence and learning from both side to make a new conclusion rather than one from one side wins (is correct).

Soy;s response:

My thinking exactly–she’s on the margin, finding a path, reconciling seeming opposites. Which is not to say that any transition she may make to SD will be either Markshirian or native to her–only that she is likely to interpret it that way, in terms of yin-yang as she has been raised to construe things for a century. True of most of her life in Markshire, not just class selection: religion, law/chaos, etc.

SD from her tradition is defensive and survival-oriented for example. A hidden strategy of an oppressed minority. [less chance for cheese–do you hear?]. HIPS there not a magic trick at all–but the outgrowth of an organic oneness with place, light and dark. The same result, perhaps, but with different ends and means and thus almost certainly a different but still mystical flavor. But at this point, that is all in her head (and possibly a bit innate), and her body is in Markshire. Which is not to say that every “native” Markshirian SD should be created or played identically either, just that there is inherent variability, and no academy to provide regimentation, knowledge and training. Nor should there be, as the variances I think would only enhance the roleplaying experience. Of course, that’s my take, but maybe it shows how I the player am thinking–constantly–about playing her.