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well if that’s your take on the situation it’s fine by me. 5000 gold isn’t anything to me

You should read closer. I don’t care. But, the very fact that Dram said something to me means something. He’s an easy going guy, takes things in stride. He’d also be the first person to say to me that I shouldn’t talk to you about it or mention it. That’s why I asked your take on it too. If you felt he was just sneaking her to pickles, then ya slap him around. If he was brining her to Engman for recruitment, then no don’t punish him. I know there’s a fine line there and it’s hard to tell, it was your call.

The troll has millions from crafting, looting, and such. That which he gained from the chest bug I willingly gave up and told T about. Nordbert was flat broke last time I played him, it’s hard to earn loot when you pay more in bolts than you make. And yes, you can tell a characters net worth as a DM.. if they’re holding it on them, which they have to be with the chest deposit shut down.

– mule