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Somewhat back to the topic…

I don’t have an issue with people bringing in prospects for Engman to consider.

It would be better for them to leave them with Vinnie the Kobold who’s been waiting for an audience with Engman for years. He eats mice.

There’s no set process aside from the established “Engman’s Test” for joining the guild.

However, it is suitable for someone to sponsor someone to the guild and pay a ransom for their consideration. The ransom would be returned upon the candidate’s full acceptance.

Also, a thieves guild isn’t just a bunch of people with Rogue levels. There are toughs or thugs (fighters) for extortion and enforcement. There are “contractors” for hire who provide specialized skills (mages or even clerics). There might even be guides or transportation experts (druids and rangers) and other possible informants.

The real topic …

Plain and simple: Is Sunny worthy of SD?

From what I have heard from those she interacts with, my vote is yes. Provided someone RPs it out with her.

Let’s get the vote completed. All DMs should vote based on the information provided and any contact you’ve had via Players or in person.