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Evil is in the Eye of the Beholder

As with any discussion about right or wrong it’s the witness of an action that judges the action.

IF the witness finds the action to be harmful to their concept of good then it must be inherently evil.


So, I agree with Mr. Snit. Any evil action perceived by someone must be perceived as good or necessary to their good by the one committing the action or they would not perform the action.

That’s why I like the Law vs. Chaos concept of Markshire. The actions of a Lawful person and a Chaotic person can be defined much more readily as Lawful or Chaotic by any audience.

As to the list of serial killers above…

They didn’t need pats on the back. Their own social outlook defined the process for them. They deemed the killing of their victims to be something of worth. Did they consider themselves to be evil? Perhaps. More likely they considered themselves simply misunderstood and their actions were intended to sort themselves into a world of majority defined morality.

Had these infamous men been found prior to their “evil” actions by our very own government it might be they would be heroes in our eyes for doing what they were inclined to do.

Evil is in the Eye of the Beholder.