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  • Markshire PCs:

I think Aelswith and Thrym hit it on the head. There are many types of evil from those that perceive themselves as doing good to those that understand they are evil and don’t care.

Many serial killers know what they do is evil but simply have urges they must fulfill and give into. That’s where the myth of the serial killer leaving clues and wanting to be caught comes from.

Ghak is of the former. He doesn’t think he does evil, he’s simply Ghak living within his societies constraints. It just happens that his society considers the weaker beings as lesser and eating them for food is of no consequence. Further, their enchroachment upon the world is an insult and should be wiped out. Ya know, it’s about perception.

OF course I think their is just plain evil, those who do bad things and relish them and never have a regret about it, not even on their final day. If they do have a regret it’s only that it’s their final day.

– mule