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  • Markshire PCs:

I think the concept of evil simply cannot be discussed without first setting up a definition of what “evil” is in the first place. I’ll make the assumption that we’re looking at this from the perspective of “modern western civilization” on what evil is… but really, like was said before, “evil is in the eye of the beholder”. Arguments of “evil is detrimental to society” and “killing people is evil” is pretty simplistic when placed outside the frames of a already established moral code – and those moral codes vary by the millions. I mean, if you look at the human body as nothing more than a biological machine hooked up to an overclocked biological computer, killing a person could be just as “evil” as crashing a car. What is more evil, killing a chimpanzee who is more capable of thought, logic, and emotion than somebody who is braindead, or killing the person in the coma? Is it evil to cause pain and systematic shock to a human baby for a procedure that boasts no proven medical benefit and is mostly done for sake of appearance? Our responses to those questions are nothing more than what our past experiences have shaped our current outlook to be, spiced with religion and salted with upbringing… not to mention the stir-fry of psychological “disorders”. Disbanding slavery in a lot of past cultures could have very well seen at the time as “detrimental to society”. Our modern, westernized mind, however, would see it as an act of benevolence.
Good, bad, law, chaos… they’re all perceptions of an already established system of morals.
“If 6 billion people had a bad idea, it would still be a bad idea.”
What is a “bad” idea anyways?