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  • Markshire PCs:

That’s a pretty groovy example of 2 different types of evil all wrapped into one event. Churchill committed an evil act of omission by not doing anything, but it was the Germans that actually committed the deed.

But is it really fair to say for certain that Churchill could have stopped it? Is it solely his fault for those people living in a threatened area? Were his air units and ground to air defense going to be compromised in a mighty way by moving to defend the town? I’m going to guess that the town was targeted because of manufacturing/commerce reasons. I’m not grilling ya dude, it was a thought provoking example and I don’t know the story. Being in the know might make me /perceive/ it differently.

not that perception = truth 😉

Opi, right/wrong and good/evil are pretty much interchangeable. I realize of course that good/evil are increasingly becoming naughty words though and make folk uncomfortable.