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Irregardless of the actions and consequences, the perception of Evil as stated in the initial post by SMR … *throttles him for starting a morality debate* … and as reiterated by myself and BTP is based SOLELY on the perception of the witness.

Evil as a concept is the perception of evil intent as defined by the person who witnessed it.

In a society that allows and upholds slavery is it evil to punish a slave? In the pursuit of racial perfection is it considered evil to kill an entire subrace of humans?

We, today, consider these to be Evil. To beat a man to death for the simple purpose of showing the hundreds of others you have that escape is not worth trying or to kill as many Jews as you can get your hands on because you believe them to be Evil.

Do the Amal consider themselves Evil in the pursuit of their goals (whatever they may truly be)? No, but they suffer penalty to attack you if you have the right spell on because you believe they are.

Perception is how we define Evil.