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  • Markshire PCs:

I think evil people doing good deeds is underrated. It does happen. Like in the churchill example. Someone told me this, it may or may not be true, but I heard Churchill ordered the RAF to bomb the bejeesus out of civilians in Germany. While most people label this as evil, that meant Hitler got rather miffed, stopped bombing our factories, and started to bomb our civilians instead. Militarily a sound move, but very dubious on the moral front. But, people can churn out these examples all day, I like trying to think the other way round, and it works best with fictional characters. If an evil character falls in love/lust with a buxom wench, and that wenches family is then about to be murdered by the evil fellows associates, would the act of stopping it make him eviler? I like to think that even if accidental or selfish, good deeds still count as good deeds. Then of course that evil fellow is very likely to undo his work in another despicable way.

In that vain of thought, it is much harder to undo bad deeds than undo good ones. A paladin kills someone, outrage and exile. A blackguard saves someone, no one gives a hoot. Interesting thought to sleep on.