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  • Markshire PCs:

/threadjack Yes, actually I think it was the bombing of Berlin by the RAF that infuriated Hitler and caused him to order the luftwaffa (sp?) to change focus from military/industrial targets to civilian targets. Whether or not Churchill knew this would happen is debatable though he was wily and he just might have. Subsequently this allowed the RAF and the British industrial complex to rebuild and get their Radar stations in place. This is a major turning point in the war because without this happening the UK would have fallen, and probably before the US got into the war. Thus the entire war may have had a different outcome. /end threadjack

That being said, is Churchill’s order evil even though its outcome was for the greater good?

Also, I believe the reason people don’t notice the good as much as the evil because it’s expected. Doing good is the status quo, doing evil goes against society and therefore would lead to more outrage and become a more indelible memory. I think it’s also why such bad news is prominent in the local newscasts. If it bleeds it leads has been a gold rule of local news for a long time. It gets them more ratings, is this because of people macabre fascination with things or because it gets a stronger reaction from them? Or maybe both…

– mule