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First, I will address the root question at a later date (probably this week) when I have time to put it down properly.

The root question:

How does planar travel work?

This will lead to the secondary question:

What exactly is the layout of the Markshire Universe?

In case you are unsure of what that question entails here are some smaller questions that partially comprise the whole:

How do I get to Asgard? Where is Jotunheim in relation to Midgard? Do we even call the Prime Material Plane Midgard? Where’s Surtur at? How do we incorporate Demons and Devils? How does Hel keep her whites white?

All good questions, and yes, Hel endorses the use of Tide detergent mixed with the soapash of the destroyed undead to get a true bone bleached white.

I will address these shortly as I have some already addressed and more that aren’t typed up.

As to Kamas’ absence… aside from wanting to write something… why worry about your absence in terms of a storyline? Tis relatively easy to say you were off training or studying.

As to your plot device, there are NO MEANS as a PC Wizard or other spellcaster type that allow you true extra-planar travel. Spells that do ethereal or astral travel are limited to the spell and short hops.

Does this mean traveling back and forth between planes doesn’t exist? Obviously not or your sojourns to visit with Garm wouldn’t be possible.

So I beg your patience for an answer to the overall Lore of the Planes.

Oh and believe me, Ras, I appreciate the time and research you put into your post.