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  • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

List of New Gear

Adamantium Stitched Padded Armor, Adamantium Tower Shield, Adamantium Wire, Adamantium Wire Stitched Hood, Amethyst/Ruby Encrusted Necklace, Amulet Of Trap Sensing, Apple Flavored Pipe Tobacco, Aquavit, Aventurine/Topaz Encrusted Necklace, Blackberry Paste, Blueberry Paste, Bone Dust, Bronze Dwarven Waraxe, Bronze Falchion, Bronze Heavy Mace, Bronze Heavy Pick, Bronze Light Pick, Bronze Maul, Bronze Trident, Bronze Wire, Bronze Wire Stitched Hood, Brother Dominic’S Big Breakfast, Brother Dominic’S Secret Sauce, Bumbleberry Pie, Cake, Cake Icing, Carrot, Cherry Paste, Cobalt Stitched Padded Armor, Cobalt Wire, Cobalt Wire Stitched Hood, Compound Bone Longbow, Compound Bone Shortbow, Copper Dust, Copper Dwarven Waraxe, Copper Falchion, Copper Heavy Copper Mace, Copper Heavy Pick, Copper Light Pick, Copper Maul, Copper Oxide Dust, Copper Trident, Corn Paste, Death Armor Shield, Dragoneyes Shield, Dwarven Waraxe of Acid, Dwarven Waraxe of Fire, Dwarven Waraxe of Lightning, Elemental Shield, Enchanted Ingot Of Mithril, Enchanted Mahogany Tower Shield, Entropic Shield, Falchion of Acid, Falchion of Fire, Falchion of Lightning, Fancy Iced Cake, Fancy Wooden Box, Fire Agate/Fire Opal Encrusted Necklace, Fish Soup, Giant Seeker Hvy Xbow, Giant Seeker Lightxbow, Giant Seeker Longbow, Giant Seeker Shortbow, Globe Of Defense Shield, Gold Dust, Greenstone/Feldspar Encrusted Necklace, Healing Sweetbread, Heavy Bone Xbow, Heavy Duty Bowstring, Heavy Mace of Acid, Heavy Mace of Fire, Heavy Mace of Lightning, Heavy Pick of Acid, Heavy Pick of Fire, Heavy Pick of Lightning, Hickory Tower Shield, Holy Bone Longbow, Holy Bone Shortbow, Holy Heavy Bone Xbow, Holy Light Bone Xbow, Honey Cakes, Honey Mead, Hot Sausage, Iron Dust, Iron Dwarven Waraxe, Iron Falchion, Iron Heavy Copper Mace, Iron Heavy Pick, Iron Light Pick, Iron Maul, Iron Oxide Dust, Iron Stitched Padded Armor, Iron Trident, Iron Wire Stitched Hood, Large Adamantium Shield, Large Enchanted Mahogany Shield, Large Hickory Shield, Large Mahogany Shield, Large Mithril Shield, Large Oak Shield, Large Platinum Shield, Large Titanium Shield, Light Bone Xbow, Light Pick of Lightning, Lightbender Shield, Mahogany Tower Shield, Malachite/Diamond Encrusted Necklace, Masterwork Fiddle, Female, Masterwork Fiddle, Male, Masterwork Harp, Masterwork Lute, Masterwork Musical Instruments, Masterwork Pipes, Masterwork Tambourine, Maul of Acid, Maul of Fire, Maul of Lightning, Meat Stew, Mild Sausage, Mithral Bastard Sword, Mithral Battle Axe, Mithral Double Axe, Mithral Dwarven Waraxe, Mithral Falchion, Mithral Great Sword, Mithral Greataxe, Mithral Halberd, Mithral Handaxe, Mithral Kama, Mithral Katana, Mithral Longsword, Mithral Scimitar, Mithral Scythe, Mithral Short Sword, Mithral Sickle, Mithral Throwing Axe, Mithral Two Bladed Sword, Mithril Stitched Padded Armor, Mithril Tower Shield, Mithril Wire, Mithril Wire Stitched Hood, Oak Tower Shield, Onion, Peppermint Paste, Phenalope/Sapphire Encrusted Necklace, Pipe, Pipe Tobacco, Platinum Stitched Padded Armor, Platinum Tower Shield, Platinum Wire Stitched Hood, Potato, Raspberry Paste, Silver Dwarven Waraxe, Silver Falchion, Silver Heavy Mace, Silver Heavy Pick, Silver Light Pick, Silver Maul, Silver Trident, Small Adamantium Shield, Small Enchanted Mahogany Shield, Small Hickory Shield, Small Mahogany Shield, Small Mithril Shield, Small Oak Shield, Small Platinum Shield, Small Titanium Shield, Special Carrot Soup, Special Potato Soup, Titanium Dwarven Waraxe, Titanium Falchion, Titanium Heavy Mace, Titanium Heavy Pick, Titanium Light Pick, Titanium Maul, Titanium Tower Shield, Titanium Trident, Tobacco Leaf, Traveller’s Pie, Trident of Acid, Trident of Fire, Trident of Lightning, Troll Head Shield, and Walnut Paste

Let them eat Cake!!