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Re mith. rapier: short swords also pure piercing damage I believe. Used historically largely as stabbing weapon around, over and under shield walls. Rapier more elegant single-edge slim blade, but longer, medium wpn vs short sword small, and still light re wpn finesse feat.

Haven’t seen one–yet–in Markshire, but if mith. property is, say, Keen, this property is typically applied in NWN1 to slashing or piercing wpns. Keen Edge spell should apply (and does in Markshire) property temporarily only to slashing wpns. At least, that’s my understanding of it…

Other ideas from Sun:

1) craftable fan(s), perhaps silk as well as cloth. Fashion accessory with usability as wpn–already available at Anastasia’s. Maybe enchant to “Flaming Fan of Flirtation” or somesuch
2) oriental-style bamboo or samurai armors–interesting cross-craft potential in both, as traditional samurai armor very small lacquered plates sewn to base shirt/robe
3) while on that, asian short robe and pants–believe models available if needed for this and 2 above from several haks on vault–understand fully if new Markshire hak too much work
4) on a tangent slightly, CEP robes and shield/helm/wpn appearances not selectable using craft armor/wpn, CEP robes where existing not replace-able if char removes robe
5) useful clothes–echo Osay on that–boots, belts, cloaks, gloves, again maybe cross-crafted with enchanters, again maybe some silk, or properties akin to leathery armors–panther boots for example, or lion belt
6) dire polar skins into something other than Hillar’s incinerator!
7) make snow leopards drop skins–and craft into something fun of course
VIII) mixed-skin armors (ala new enchanter necklaces): maybe lion-polar or lion-panther, for example, partial modifiers from each
9) food–kimchi jars in Cona tavern but no actual kimchi, nor woodcrafted chopsticks; rice wine/sake for brewers; korean/mongolian barbecue

Making myself hungry–really hungry, too hungry for a number ten–thanks.