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Couple more crafting bugs, and more kudos:

Anyone notice the increase in recipe count? Yay! Craftable Dyes! Fill out the palette. Hurrah. And an actual use for foodcrafting–now Sun can sew AND cook! Terrific adventure skills.

Did note the curing tubs in Foot tanner had two entries each in menus (side-by-side) for light orange cloth dye and light orange leather dye. Recipes same for each pair. Don’t know if just a duplicate or replace other color choice though.

Sometime this early am, either tanner loom in foot, tried crafting either cobalt wire hood or cobalt padded, and cobalt wire in loom was not appearing/counted (ala the mith ingot issues mentioned prior).

Having laboriously collected plat and adam ores, smelted them, and made wire from them, was poised just now to try the plat and adam hoods/padded see if same wire problem–but got caught by reset.

Also–posted in OOG thread a more philosophical comment/query re mith short swords/rapiers and the mith wpns list.

And yes, Sun spends a lot of time in the house of Alec the Tanner–don’t read anything into that, necessarily.

Thanks all,