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Lt. Tyler
  • Markshire PCs:

@Brindisium wrote:

…I made one of the new mithril weapons (a battleaxe), very nice looking! …However considering the weapons are made from enchanted ingots it would also seem plausible to me that the weapon itself would also be enchanted…
Seem reasonable?

Not unreasonable, but the use of enchanted ingots was to ensure that the mithral/il weapons were similar to all the enchanted elemental damage weapons in that they require the skills of both a master smith and an enchanter. And though a fire enchanted weapon is ‘better’ in also having the enchantment bonus, mithral weapons are just cool!

: Sorry to say that it might be that some of the old bones won’t be recognized by the recipes. All I can say is to ask a DM for a trade. Which reminds me to have T add the correct one to some drops (there was a reason we did it this way, with a new item. What exactly it was escapes my porous brain at the moment).

@Gend: Thanks for the details, it will definitely help.