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  • Markshire PCs:

Not unreasonable, but the use of enchanted ingots was to ensure that the mithral/il weapons were similar to all the enchanted elemental damage weapons in that they require the skills of both a master smith and an enchanter. And though a fire enchanted weapon is ‘better’ in also having the enchantment bonus, mithral weapons are just cool!

I want to echo what Val, Monty and Gend have said. A weapon with no enchantment is unusable in Arik (and several other situations). Having put a lot of work into smelting, armour and weapon crafting I feel disappointed that even with the help of a master enchanter I cannot make something that, to quote Val, “doesn’t suck”.

It would be great to have the satisfaction of making something that is a vital tool, not just the Markshire equivalent of Ray-ban sunglasses.