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Alone in Highland Forest

I sit on my bedroll alone and afraid, staring into the unyeilding dark,
Lost somewhere in Highland Forest, surrounded by nothing but bark.
Oh no! I hear something stirring, coming this way, starting to creep,
I scamper under my bedroll, without make a sound, not a single peep.

This should have been safe, a peaceful jaunt through the park,
Instead I’ll be dinner for a hideous monster and never make it to Stonemark.
Laying under my bedroll, so afraid I will admit, that I started to weep,
You would too, with a monster just outside, when there’s no hope of falling asleep.

So this is how it all ends? Lost in the woods, under a hauntingly black sky,
I have so many songs and poems I’ve yet to write, it can’t be time for me to die.
Have to stay awake and alert or the creature will get me, but I’m starting to yawn,
I am falling asleep, I better do something quick, if I hope to see dawn.

I know! I will use my greateset weapon, my voice, to scare it away, worth a try,
Leaping up from under the bedroll I shouted a thunderous manly war cry.
And there standing at the foot of my camp, an unthreatening baby fawn.
My cries through the night, war cries that is, had scared it away, for the monster was gone.

*All script is hastily scrawled in an illegible (and incredibly lazy) handwriting (if you can call it that).