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Song of Foothold Friends

New Friends come and old friends depart,
I have so many friends, where do I start?

The always silent Blizzard,
Kamas Dy’Neren the dark wizard,

Lipitom’s my kind of weird,
Braetai has a bright green beard,

The tobacco spitting Kel,
Mezano can really cast a spell,

The elven seamstress pirate Sun,
That dwarf Durok never has fun,

Raven is surly and mean,
Dram Toss can never be seen,

Ederyn is Foothold’s mayor,
Belferon is a dragon slayer,

The Draiman’s skin is blue,
Erica is a half dragon too,

Panitha Diansdottir softly speaks,
Haven’t seen her sisters in weeks,

Sar Khan’s heroic deeds are grand,
He has two kids and only one hand,

Quinne Volick is quick and fleet,
Faith is still wondering “did Sar cheat?”

Pubert Fleebish is a brewing fool,
Opinvu can really craft a jewel,

Aelswith is noble and good,
Kayla stays mostly in the wood,

Matrimis is a wondering scout,
Doog fights you can hear him shout,

Traudek is another dwarven grump,
Evo the orc is pleasantly plump,

Don’t worry about Reinhart the Red,
Sar killed him good and dead,

Roman has a very strong belief,
Zeb is a masterfully cunning thief,

Father Tangosz Fjellsen likes to pray,
Osay Orthan first name is Osay,

//Nueghak the Troll has become a joke,
Can’t hurt me, Mule’s computer’s broke//

Walis the warrior loves to fight,
Voran Falcona is a holy knight,

The know it all Monty Three Card,
And of course me Portales the famous bard!

All of my friends are good gals and guys,
If I missed anyone I sincerely apologize.

*All script is hastily scrawled in an illegible (and incredibly lazy) handwriting (if you can call it that).