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Sar Stickies the Sheets

Yes, yes, this is another tale about the mighty hero sar,
Some might say I’ve written too much of him, I’ve gone to far.
His status amongst legendary heroes, he is atop the elites,
He has accomplished great deeds and selfless feats.

Of all his accounts, this story infact, maybe the most bizarre,
This takes place, not on the field of battle, but in a seedy bar.
He is known for his courage, not judgement, for he never retreats,
How did he end up in a room with honey, a wench and sticky sheets?

A precarious situation for Sar to be in, atleast one would think,
How upsetting, Sar alone with a wench, how low might he sink.
While he visits this bar, at home Sar has children and a wife,
If Faith were to misunderstand this tale, it may cause great strife.

As I sit and to write this tale, with my quill and my ink,
It occurred to me, I have no idea how much Sar had to drink.
One thing is certain; it was a lot, He’s drank much in his life,
Balancing his heroics, his family and drinking on the edge of a knife.

Sar was actually traveling home, when a storm began to loom,
He wisely sought some shelter or it would have been his doom.
The snow began to harden, the ground began to freeze,
Sar found the Beeswax inn, catching a cold he entered with a sneeze.

For several hours, a strange sweet ale, he continued to consume,
Some how Sar, some honey and the wench end up in a room.
And Yes the sheets ended up sticky, the wench on her knees,
But it wasn’t what it seemed, they’d been attacked by killer bees.

*All script is hastily scrawled in an illegible (and incredibly lazy) handwriting (if you can call it that).

**A note in the margin reminds Portales he promised Sar not to write about killer bees