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Summoners Duel

Here at the outskirts of Foothold I sit and I wait,
Where Kamas and Mezano will soon decide their fate.
Both skilled mages each from a different school,
Each can only summon three monsters that is the rule.

This all started at the Red Dragon with a friendly debate,
It would seem that this situation I helped create.
It turned into an argument, that I admit I helped fuel,
Shhh! They are about to begin the summoners duel.

Kamas is dressed neatly in the finest elven attire,
Mezano has been drinking and looks as if he’ll easily tire.
There were no protective spells cast, not a single ward,
The sorcerers began summoning, all other spells were ignored.

Kamas begins by conjuring a rather large tiger, I believe dire.
In a puff of smoke Mezano summons an elder elemetal of fire.
As the tiger’s fur was burned away, it loudly roared,
Kamas immediately created a great black magical sword.

Seeing the floating sword I knew the elemental was through,
The poor fire elemental was sliced cleanly in two.
Scattered around the fields were small fires burning red,
Mezano still had two summons left, he was still ahead.

Mezano paused for a moment thinking what he should do,
He called on his old friend Charlie to make his debut.
A swirling mist produced a warrior mummy, member of the undead,
And wouldn’t you know that magical sword the mummy did shred

Only able to use his own magic, with out a staff or a scroll,
Kamas raised his arms and in the clouds formed a great hole.
The wind whipped, as giant wings flapped causing a powerful gale,
The ground shook as it landed, a Red Dragon, all covered in scale.

Kamas strained as the powerful wyrm was difficult to control,
Then the dragon ended the battle swallowing Charlie whole.
Mezano simply shrugged, knowing he could not possibly prevail,
He used his final summon, “I am going to the inn to conjure up an ale.”

**All script is hastily scrawled in an illegible (and incredibly lazy) handwriting (if you can call it that)