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Scavenger Hunting My Party

Today is Winter Harvest Moon and that means scavenger hunt,
The contest began in Stonemark near the northern gate, up front.
I joined with Panitha and Aunt Loli, their company they bestowed,
They asked me to tag along and if perhaps I’de write an ode.

The clues were challenging, some were easy and quite blunt,
So the three of us headed to Spinehold, two ladies and a runt.
Panitha speaks softly, and she supposedly follows a strict code.
She disappeared shortly after we left the Spinehold Road.

Loli said Panitha ran off to look for her friend, the Pirate Sun,
It seemed a bit odd as the scavenger hunt had only just begun.
Perhaps something happened and I’ve simply misunderstood,
The vile goblins may have gotten her, not possible, she’s to good.

I feel like I’m harping on this, but her teammates she did shun,
Our team was really effective and we even had some fun.
Well I wouldn’t have abondoned by mates I certainly never could,
Not in the middle of the forest surrounded by goblins and wood.

We made it out of the Narlinwyk alive, I wasn’t doing so terrific,
Ran into a bit of trouble, Loli used her fists, she’s quite prolific.
She punches, chops and kicks, trained in the arts of combat,
And is she fast, I would turn around, and she’d run off like a cat.

And then it seemed what happened next was quite horrific,
We’de gone to the wrong place, the clue was vague and unspecific.
Going all the way to the Cona mines would you believe that,
When we had passed right by the place, the forges of Zairat.


The next clue took us to the sleepy little town of Yar,
There isn’t much to the town save for a temple and an old bar.
It was at this point that I noticed Aunty Loli disappear,
I had no idea where she’d went, but it certainly wasn’t here.

Two of my companions gone now, it seemed quite bizarre,
Hope nothing bad happened and I wonder how they are.
I have to continue on and not give up, I must persevere,
Descending into the sewers, my only companion now was fear.

I traveled to a cave and eventually a glistening tower,
I kept my singing loud and my spirits did not sour.
Would you believe it? I all by myself found the next clue,
And despite the dangers I even found the next one too.

I felt a sense of great accomplishment and even a little power,
I’m an expert scavenger hunter see, as all the land I did scour.
I found six gold tokens and lost two companions, this is all true,
It’s a good thing I was hunting tokens, and not hunting my crew.

*All script is hastily scrawled in an illegible (and incredibly lazy) handwriting (if you can call it that).