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Sar’s Heroes and the Shaft Giver: Part V Akhulfiich’s Biich: Part III The Hero of Yar’s Underground

Again I asked, how could this difficult task ever be completed?
I can tell you how, but you can’t tell Akhulfiich, okay we cheated.
We added a little help, so instead of the two of us there were three,
We were better off with more, Walis, Voran Falcona and of course me.

It seemed they left with out me as the process was repeated,
I had been sleeping, all this adventure left my energy depleted.
So I arrived at the crypt all by myself, wanting to turn and flee,
Here’s a little tip for avoiding the undead, invisibility is the key.

I snuck past some smelly zombies as the tomb I began to explore,
Then I heard a disturbance from behind a sealed stone door.
I crept over to get a torch to see, passing the zombie’s who groan,
When I touched the bracket the door opened, who would have known?

Walis and Voran were saved, as certain death had been in store,
That’s one heroic deed for Portales for those of you keeping score.
The three of us searched the crypt all the way to the lich’s throne,
There were zombies and phantoms and even an evil Aelswith clone.

We decided to spread out, difficult to search in a gaggle or a bunch,
I took this opportunity to find an empty room and break for lunch.
No zombies in here, good then there won’t be an undead attack,
I just wanted to find somewhere safe, where I could sit and snack.

Preparing to sit on the floor behind a pillar, I tripped with a crunch,
It would seem there was something under my feet, I had a hunch.
I had found that demonic scroll in an old delapidated gold sack,
Now I could finish my lunch in peace, they would cut me some slack.

I found my companions as I had exciting new that I must report,
Noone was interested, Voran dismissed me, “tell me later Port.”
We found the fierce Walis as the many many zombies he had slain,
With death and undeath around, my strength was beginning to drain.

So we left that old creepy crypt, our search had been quite short,
See I had tried to tell Voran, but he thought I wasn’t the sort,
Once we were safe, told them about the scroll I managed to obtain,
They shouted and cheered, it seemed old Portales was the hero again.

*All script is hastily scrawled in an illegible (and incredibly lazy) handwriting (if you can call it that).