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Sar’s Heroes and the Shaft Giver: Part VI It Really Bugs Me

I was awoken much too early for my tastes, just after dawn,
They gave Frank his ingredients and he prattled on and on.
I interupted him just a few times, tried my best to behave,
When someone else is talking, boredom washes over me like a wave.

Finally Frank finished yapping and I let out a satisfying yawn,
Once again, to that infested old root cave, our paths were drawn.
Using the poisonous gas and weapons the grippli’s had gave,
We did our best and sent that giant root sucker to the grave.

Obviously, for Frank, killing the monster was not good enough,
He didn’t seem all that grateful and asked us to get a bunch of stuff.
He had a whole list, of all kinds of junk and would you believe fish,
The next thing you know we will be serving him with a golden dish.

To go out and collect all these things was going to be too tough,
I have more important things to do, besides it was mostly fluff.
Pretended to write it all down, so Frank thought he’d get his wish,
I hightailed it right outta there, you could hear my shoes “swish!”.

*All script is hastily scrawled in an illegible (and incredibly lazy) handwriting (if you can call it that).