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Sar’s Heroes and the Shaft Giver: Part VIII The Lake of Goo

Sar found his heroes at the Red Dragon, he was quite upset,
He may have thrown out a little profanity and even a threat.
Faith was also extremely angered, Sar’s lovely sorceress wife,
This was a delicate situation, balanced on the edge of a knife.

I was a little nervous when he was yelling, I started to sweat,
A few of them were indifferent, convinced they’d paid their debt.
I tried to assure Sar they were just trying to save the tree’s life,
But Sar wouldn’t listen, storming out, ending all of the strife.

Later we hiked over to Sar’s house to apologize and make amends,
I reminded that grumpy dwarf Durok to say nothing that offends.
The others, needed to look at things from Sar’s point of view,
They had broken into his house, an apology was long overdue.

Much to my surprise a genuine sincere apology Durok entends,
Sar accepts his apology, once again Sar and his heroes are friends.
After a little friendly chatter and warm hugs are finally through,
Sar’s wife Faith insists we join them for dinner, we’re having stew!

After dinner we headed out to look for another of those dank holes,
To the Eastern Narlynwik, an area that the goblin king controls.
We searched for a log cabin, that’s if Frank’s instructions are true,
Many battles were fought as wave after wave of goblins we slew.

We found the cabin after we’d waded through all of the goblin patrols,
This was the last of the caves, we were close to complete all of our goals.
Walis took forever as each ingredient he carefully individually threw.
Purify the water..Ha! It was more like a giant lake of smelly red goo.

*All script is hastily scrawled in an illegible (and incredibly lazy) handwriting (if you can call it that).