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Sar’s Heroes and the Shaft Giver: Part IX The Key to Arik

The heroes set out for the lost City of Arik with Durok in the lead,
Our quest was to find an ancient section of the city and a lost seed.
It didn’t start out so well as we ran head first into an alhoon patrol,
I managed to stay alive by hiding behind Voran, who hid behind a pole.

Our enemies moved on so with our quest we were able to proceed,
Arik is thick with mindflayers, they must have started to breed.
Battling (and hiding from )the mindcontrolers definitely took a toll,
We were able to regroup after using many a raise dead scroll.

For some reason Sar’s Heroes like to stand around and debate,
Not the best idea, when around the corner danger could await.
We sought out the temple of Njord looking for a magical sash,
I of course found the temple and entered, though I may have been rash.

The main room was filled with elementals, I counted atleast eight,
Perhaps Njord thought his temple we were going to desecrate.
With the water elementals our swords (and my songs) did clash,
Found those magic sashes in a pool, I dove in with a great splash.

Next we headed to the temple of Loki, it was dark and full of gloom,
Where I managed to accidently intentionally find a secret room.
Within the secret chamber I found a treasure chest with an old key,
After some debating, the key was important, we would all agree.

Outside we tangled with a mad priest, MacGregor I presume,
After defeating him again, our quest we were able to resume.
We still had much to accomplish if we were going to save the tree,
It also seemed a hero was emerging in this quest, that would be me.

The Key opened another building filled with many a hill giant,
They were savage and unfriendly, they certainly weren’t compliant.
More giants we battled as we descended deeper into their lair,
Luckily we had caught their leader by surpise, he was unaware.

The massive red giant fell, to the end he was fiercely deifant,
Once again it was up to me, my skills they had become reliant.
I located another secret chamber while trying to fix my hair,
Behind a broken mirror I found the next key, that is where.

It surely seemed, for once, we were actually on the right track,
The key open a grate to another locked building, around the back.
This place was quite confusing and I would have loved to have a map,
I can tell you that each of us stumpled into atleast one deadly trap.

On top of all the traps on the ground, demons began to attack,
It would’ve been helpful if Sun disarmed the traps and picked up some slack.
Belferon had been here before, but he could not remember crap,
He did have a combo to a door written down, I was forced to clap.

We traveled up some stairs through many great stone halls,
Slavers kept attacking, seemed they were coming from the walls.
After all of this adventuring Sar’s heroes were beaten down,
I wanted nothing more than a good slumber at the inn in town.

At the top of the spire a massive dragon statue sprawls,
Inside the statue Belferon placed his two glass blue balls.
The statue slowly opened and produced an ornate crown,
We accomplished much, for our deeds we will gain great renoun.

*All script is hastily scrawled in an illegible (and incredibly lazy) handwriting (if you can call it that).