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Well the Appeal was like it was here in Seattle when people went without power for…..two maybe three days. They were asking for handouts when none were needed. Asking for just good infashion luxuries rather than staples.

Not even an earthquake but it was a winter windstomr took out so many powerlines millions were without power for the night or two at most. The radio station for local 24/7 news etc took up a Neighbor to Neighbor hotline relay gig. People calling in with I need a generator my father is dying cause the equipment has stopped.. and stuff like that. So, the majority turned into what you read above. I need:

Designer Electric futon with down comferter.
Solar powered A/C external heating unit.
Fresh Sushi
Nintendo Wii for the bored children.
100 gallons of gas for car

I drove 30min.s North and got gas, candles and batteries, there were no lines like there were at the power generator opened stores that were out of everything. I sold my excess and made $300 off batteries and candle sales. LOL 8) Crack heads were offering their children for batteries for a radio…

We got hit with an ice storm last Jan. Most of the city was without power(except my work….figures) for at minimum of 4 days(I was out for 14 🙁 )….the things people did for propane, batteries and whatnot was nuts.