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  • Markshire PCs:

I played through the game twice and enjoyed it both times. I did start a third playthrough on the highest diffiulty level, but became bored with it and stopped.

I actually wanted more, more planets, quests, all that stuff. I would have liked for the game to be longer, which is my complaint for most console RPGS. When will the game makers learn that 40 hours of game play is nothing. That’s why all of these mmorpgs are so popular, endless gaming hours, which is what gamers want.

Another complaint I had was that on the hardest difficulty it became tedious to fight all the heavily shielded enemies. Each one took forever to kill, and biotics were a necessity. It changed the combat from stealth/strategy tactics to lifting/singularitying everyone then waiting while machine guns wore down shields and massive amounts of health.

Kamas Wrote

this comes from the perspective of someone who went as far as getting the Mass-Effect prequel novelisation after completing the game

I read the book too, before I got the game.

Kamas Wrote

Another personal pet peeve I encountered was that the game almost forced you into a relationship during the ‘male’ side of the storyline with one of the characters by not providing an “I’m not interested in you” option

My renegade character didn’t hook up with her, he just treated her like crap, so I didn’ t feel forced. My paragon character however, got with the blue chic by my own doing, I just wanted to see if it was possible.