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  • Markshire PCs:

This is Fridays, 13 Fridays, 13 Episodes.

Thanks for posting Brindisium. Yes, this is by request from the Brindisium-Durok himself. I was lead to believe a collection of people already know of this as were part of the request for a long campaign that includes and ends with Arik. I agreed, and kept to most of my promise. The campaign does include all of Arik, a tree and Grippli, and Yes! It starts in Foothold. The rest and details of that is a suprise! 😛

Good question!

Spymastergend asked in a way:

If some episodes to air on alternate days of week, may well tune in live rather than dvr.

I will have my episodes on paper and will take notes of the live player/DM changes to the flow of events in the episode. A Rerun might be doable. Though, it would be a “rerun” it would most likely be a narrated tour of what happened with say a witness and a Bardic translator.

On that note, and without spoiling anything, I would like to request commitment of chars involved. Nothing more frustrating than having Key knowledge holders of the group as well as key players or leaders take a leave of absence but gain a few new faces with different talents. This was requested to be Campaign-like and it would be encouraged to make it a diverse team or set of players. I have several reasons for this. Considering the depths of Arik will be intertwined to the plotline, “treasures” will be obtained and personalized to the ones involved in the plotline. (all participants might find something Special and meant for them) Somethings may spill over to the rest of the week, and as the campaign is open to ALL, the overflow is also open to all that didn’t/doesn’t attend the Friday Live episodes.

The exception to the set chars is evil interaction/intervention. Meta-info gaming is forbidden so your evil character doesn’t know what’s going on with the Good team following the plot, but they might know from tavern talk etc.. So, be a loud mouth through out the week with the involved char and maybe some evil will spread the rumors. This does mean I will work with and allow evil characters to be the secondary alt. char that can be involved. This would be an acceptable reason the first char is absent. This also may make more work for you as a player; you may get more info on one char than the other…No brain sharing!!! Cheeeeesey!

Valgrimm wrote:

Fridays are good for me, but 8 is a little early. I should get there at some point.

I get off work at 5pm Pacific, or 8pm Est. Sometimes I am home right on the dot, and sometimes early due to my variable lunch hour. And, I will also need some set-up/preparation time. So… it won’t be so prompt to but close to as possible for the other time zone needs.