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Went well, great! I agree. Thanks all for showing, moving right along appropreately yet still having your RP time along the way. (I like steady moving, BUT I don’t like silent running point to point then rushing to get your words in. I have two hands to type, but only 1 eyeball to read with.)

Points from Episode 1 for the rest(OOCly).
Take this experiance as a Template. I will need some pauses for a narratve that does mean something IC and OOC for you the player. Example, there was no need to search the Winter Bridge and woulda been waste of time. Use your own discresion.

Try to keep one Conversation leader. The rest can whisper to each other as they crowd around and feed that person questions and etc. (This will help my reading if all questions and statements come from one person when appropriate)

I am trying to keep these in around 2 hour episodes. Trying. You all didn’t notice that was 3.5hrs last night. Okay by me 😀 . The narratives and some Blockades will be set to help guide you but I don’t want this to be just a hallway you all are forced down. I am making them all different mission types. Last night spawns were all MS spawns. Except a few vines and bugbears to bug you. And yes all players are welcome with whatever level char they have available.

Splitting up the group. This is an unspoken NO NO, usually, I can’t be in two listening circles at once. It can be done with these episodes where we only have this going on. No one was not envovlved. I will allow PARTY chat so I may see all your going ons and *emotes*. PLEASE, please do not forget who is not standing next to you and the fact you cannot hear them say they found some object and then run 4 zones to their rescue…OR send a copy in DM channel. Just remember I might not be listening or able to and if there is no quick response to a *search* ping the DM line.

Good point on the ‘hook’ for all alignments to keep caring. There is one, it’s just not fully understood yet. The hook is still tied to the tree. And yes it should be enough to keep them $$ hungries intow until they learn of the Arik hook. I even wrote up a special thing for Nordbert.