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@Valgrimm wrote:

I think Durok or Belferon could fulfill that leadership role (Durok did fill that role most of the time). Belferon seemed to stay in the back of things and didn’t say a whole lot. (He was doing his Blizzard impression) So then Durok would be the logical choice.

Well, there were so many people speaking and asking questions I would have asked, there was no real reason for him to speak up. I’d just have been repeating others questions.

I’d agree that Durok makes a fine leader and can interact with the NPCs even if he is a bit… blunt. 😀 Nothing wrong with that. He’s a Dwarf after all… 😆

Belferon would have invited the grippli for a pie and some ale and then gone into a long story involving an 8-headed lion of the pass, a vampire moose, or a sea cave squid… Bel has a tendancy to tell stories so it’s best if he listens more and talks less. 8)

I DO enjoy the banter between characters… just not so much when we’re talking to NPCs, so I can keep it straight on what we’re supposed to be doing. BUT that’s just me personally.

As for splitting up, yeah that’s a no no. I think we avoided doing that (mostly). And I think we’ll do better next time around.

My .02 cents.