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Episode 4 has now concluded.

Giant Kidney Stones?? YES!!

On days I post here there will be a chance these Kideny Stones will drop on the giants. Giants. Ogres, Frost Giants, Cyclops, stone giants… These kidney stones will be a rare drop in their dead bodies enventory. These days will most-likely be all week next week. Less I forget or get home too late, I wont post or make the drops possible.

Drops will be possible All day on these days. I will set them up for droppage in the AM before work as best I can. To open up the time window for the hunting. I will edit this posting and make this threat light up as unread by changing the post. So, don’t say there wasn’t enough warning. LEss there really wasn’t, in which case I pre-apolagize. 😉
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Sunday April 6, 2008
The hunt for kidney stones may commence on this day until a reset is performed. This notice posted at 8:30am Pacific(-8). Have fun and good luck! Remember, it’s all in the percentage of chance. Thanks T! ❗ ❗ ❗

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Monday Evening, Apr. 7, 2008 (short notice) as of now until a reset, there is a chance to hunt! And yes, I shall attempt a morning launch for Tuesday.
Apr. 8, 2008 All day or until a reset occurs. Kidneystones may drop. ❗ ❗
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Wednesday, Apr. 9, 2008 I got a late start this am, but the giants are trained, prep’d, and ready to go as of right now, as your reading this. (until a reset)
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