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Episode 6 “A mother Must Die’

A mother bug did die and nearly killed the server with her belly full of bugs. A slightly condensed episode due to the previous episodes overrunning. We are still on schedule and moving along just fine! A longer tour of the catacombs was edited out so, here is the list of things Frank wants accumulated to help the tree repair itself and the damage to the environment that once was down there.

13 Issue Remedy components/ Homework:
1. Mcgreggor’s Lantern (special properties in it will replace certain minerals unreachable and the evil fire will burn out and choke the stink pond thing. Fighting fire with fire Need this Asap for Episode 7)
2. Bags of bones (2 bags giant/ogre skulls or knuckles)
3. Bags of rope (3 bags worth for tying up and hoisting Grippli in/out)
4. Bags of fish (4 bags any type of fish)
5. Emeralds in the raw (5 raw emeralds, uncut)
6. Glacial Ice (6 chunks)
7. Canisters of sugar (7 canisters)
8. Bronze shields with holes in the middle (8 shields for strainers)
9. Spider Silk (9 units)
10. Sacks of sand (10 normal sacks)
11. Graveyard Dirt (11 units in a bag)
12. Sleep spells casted upon the heart cluster (slow the decayand save the strength of the tree until a cure is found)(Completed by Monty)
13. Skull cap mushrooms (13 mushrooms)