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  • Markshire PCs:

Sun has ginseng aplenty thanks to Tamar.
Keli has begun collecting ice. It’s slow.
“Bones” indicate ogre/giant skulls (and knuckles), not your run-of-the-bonemill 1×2 long bones. So–unless the Frost Giant King I’ve only heard about loses his head when vanquished, I think we need to start some raiding into demonskull basement and cold scale pain god. And, Voran, save your knuckles too!

Note in this regard that Cold Scale is on the way to Cona, on the way to Cavern of Ice. Can combine trips. Also, don’t need everything for Friday–half per Opi for following Friday, so if we ain’t got ice and bones until then, so be it.

Well done all on homework assignments to date. Given sorting Frank will have to do, and my standard late arrival on Fridays, let me know if Sun should offload some stuff so Opi can get the ball rolling on time.

Err, we do need the lantern for Friday. Focus there?

Sun will happily help penetrate either Father McGolgi or Giant Shaman HQ as needed. To the best of her abilities. Which probably means McGolgi would have to be asleep, or the Shamans not using the lantern. So, she might not be that much help after all. She’ll muck in, though, if needed.